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Northfield, OH

About Us

Based in Northfield, Ohio, Dr. Mark Adler performs restorative dentistry for optimum cosmetic results. Using the latest products and equipment, Dr. Adler is at the forefront of dental care with a comprehensive selection of treatment options. While providing/coordinating complex restorative and prosthetic treatment, Dr. Adler will oversee every stage and step of your care so that he can ensure a beautiful and thrilling outcome for you. Dr. Adler works with trusted specialists and laboratories.

With the help of his team, Dr. Adler strives to create natural-looking prostheses that give people their confidence back. To achieve breath-taking results, he uses many techniques and materials that, while not available just a few years ago, are now the latest, state of the art in cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

Since opening his office in Northfield, Ohio, in 1989, Dr. Adler has displayed a commitment to providing the highest level of dental care and educating his patients in the community. Dr. Adler grew up in Northeast Ohio, and completed both his Bachelor of Science and his Doctor of Dental Surgery at Ohio State University.

After finishing his dental degree, Dr. Adler opened his own office in Northfield. Dr. Adler and his team take pride in creating an inviting atmosphere for their patients with the goal of providing comprehensive dental care. Through treatments such as tooth and gum exams, oral cancer screenings and diagnostic x-rays, Mark Adler DDS is able to help patients realize their ideal smile.

Dr. Adler gives his patients access to a wide range range of options to choose from when they are deciding how to solve their dental concerns.

During his free time, Dr. Adler finds ways to give back to his community. He has participated with the following:

  • The Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland
  • The Emergency Assistance Center
  • Townhall II, A Counseling and Social Services Center

In his spare time, Dr. Adler can be found reading suspense-thrillers, enjoying nature and outdoor photography, and boating.